About us

Our mission:

We strive to be nothing less than a successful, growing company, a preferred employer and a recognized leader in our Aluminium Extrusions world. Our mission is to utilize the expertise and experience we currently possess so that, in a continuously evolutionary industry, we provide superior, tailor-made solutions in Aluminium systems development and enhancement which are proven to drive our client sales. We thereby ensure that we represent the company of ‘First Choice’ for our clients.

Our company:

We, at Skyline Facades, pride ourselves of being one of the most reliable and cost-efficient service providers for Aluminium Systems design, aluminium custom design and façade engineering.

Our team of experienced and highly qualified life learning professionals, remain constantly posted with all the industry’s latest cutting-edge technologies to ensure that every project meets firstly our high expectations. In this way we secure the satisfaction of our valued clients. Our corporate offices in Greece and Egypt house our team of engineers who are always dedicated to meet our ever-increasing client needs.

Our core values:

As a company and as individuals:

* We are committed to conduct business honestly and openly, adhering to the highest ethical standards.
* We are committed to our client’s success and we are responsive to their needs by offering flawless services without compromises on quality.
* We encourage motivation, dedication and performance to be core ingredients of our corporate culture.
* We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders by honoring our commitments, providing excellent results, meeting deadlines and respecting our values.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-class Service Provider company, a pioneering institution free of limitations, capable of finding innovative solutions that will allow our stakeholders to overcome today’s constraints. Our deliverables will be a point of reference in modern Architectural and Engineering Applications.