Our principal expertise lies in Aluminium Systems Design. Irrespectively if you are an Aluminium Extrusion Company or a reputable contractor, we are the ideal partner or you, if you are looking to expand your product range or re-design your existing systems, aiming to revitalize your presence in your established markets or enter new ones. Our experienced engineers may design tailor-made systems which will fit exactly to your needs and the market that you operate, so as to push your organic growth, increase your sales and strengthen your brand. By teaming with major international extruders and systems houses, as well as with large contractors for several years we have practiced to trace the specificities of each market and the need of our client. With our engineers’ expertise we translate your need into a reliable and innovative solution. Recognizing that success is the outcome of commitment of all parties involved, we always base our collaboration on solid foundations of honesty, trust and confidentiality, since also discretion is vital in our business field. .

Systems that we have designed so far are:

  • Curtain Walls (structural / semi-structural / with pressure plate)
  • Opening (thermal / non-thermal)
  • Sliding (thermal / non-thermal)
  • Unitized
  • Partitions
  • Façade shading
  • Shutters (sliding / casement)
  • Rolling shutters
  • Rail and Pergola
  • Façade Ventilated Systems