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Our Facade Engineering Services include the following: Prequalification, Value Engineering, Systems / concept design, Structural Calculations Reports, Shop Drawings, Material Take Off, Fabrication Drawings, Installation Drawings, As built drawings


If prequalification is involved, we support our clients in applying for particular façade projects. We advise on the selection of materials and design, cost estimates, the selection of suitable suppliers and subcontractors and the development of a technically viable solution.

Value Engineering

We work out alternatives and options with a view to improve the overall solutions. We take into consideration the entire building life cycle, aiming to provide a clear basis for decision-making, minimizing risk taking and possibility of not appropriate choices. We adapt and optimize the façade systems and solutions for a specific project, taking into consideration functionality, sustainability and costs.

Systems / concept design

Systems design is our core business. We study façade concepts with detailed solutions and technical feasibility that will respect the project’s design standards and architect’s intend.

  • Develop technical plan for all the different façade areas, types, elements.
  • Project specific adaptation of existing façade systems.
  • Design of all typical details, as the basis of structural design plan

Structural Calculations Reports

Analysis and calculations of static requirements of profiles, glazing, cladding, fixings etc in 2 or 3 dimensions. Evidence is provided n the basis of the applicable international or national standards.

  • Profile and glas structural specificatios
  • Project structural analyss
  • Structural evidence depending on the region based on EN / BS / AA standards or Eurocode.

Shop Drawings

Analysis of the existing planning approval for completeness and feasibility. In close collaboration with the façade contractor:

  • Assessment of the planning approval (IFC Drawings).
  • Optimization of the design and assembly plan according to client’s needs.
  • Clarification of the responsibilities and planning-relevant parameters in collaboration with the developer and client.
  • Drafting of Shop Drawings.
  • Construction of all sections and identification of all materials, qualities, fittings and surfaces.
  • Review and adaptation of drawings during the approval phase.

Material Take Off

We undertake to define exactly the materials to be used, their quality criteria and how they should be processed.

  • Preparation of the orders for all necessary materials
  • Comparison of the materials proposed by the contractor with the specified materials.
  • Cutting list for fixed length optimization, surface treatment, allocation to assemblies and construction lots.

Fabrication Drawings

We supply all planning documents for the construction of the planned facades.

  • Preparation and provision of construction drawings (Working Drawings).
  • Compilation of all documents from the shop drawings with the production drawings and installation drawings, the static and structural calculations right through the material lists.
  • Identification of individual parts with allocation to individual production lots according to quantity, design and size

Installation Drawings

Coordination of the correct sequence on the construction site. We create clear installation and assembly instructions and take care to interfaces with other trdes.

Installation and assembly drawings.

Preparation for the installation nd information on the individual elements and parts.

Preparation of installation plans as well as plan for fixings.

Assembly documentation.

As built drawings

Coordination of the handover of the completed facade to the client.

Preparation of the as-built drawings, the documentation of the façade that was actually built.